Saturday, December 27, 2008

September Songs, 2005


My fondest spirit guide
I often sense you at my side
though distance does....(as distance should)
disappear at times, for it's own good....

Winter slipped
And summer came
then heat vaporized
to promise rain
I waded deep
in summer sweat
but promises
aren't always met
it's been sultry
it's been long
clouds have not burst
into their song
Today was temporary relief
with kinder winds
but it was brief.

That's the picture here my friend
while you wait for autumn
round the bend.

For your birthday I do wish
to cook a vegetarian dish
I made dinner here last night
I think i got it close to right
if you decide to gently drift
towards this land at anytime
Then as your birthday gift
I will invite you to dine
in my newborn kitchen
that's just begun
to have some kind of
beginner's fun.

Life's been busy
and trifle stressed
I realize
I have digressed
from paths that I would
like to trod.
in the land of nod.
I dream of what my
life should be
when I wake up
the truth is far
in reality
I'm another me.

It's time I started
trying to do
what I feel for
And what is true
but till such a worthy time
I do resort
to earn my dime
so I can one day
have saved enough
to pay for my way
do my own stuff.

I wonder if
I'm wrong to wait
will it be
a bit too late
when I decide
my life is mine
And I begin to
draw the line
between a life for rent
And a life for real
between what I know
and what I feel.

Harper I think
you're really brave
to have lived that life
and still have saved
so much more for
for what you believe
you played both sides
then took your leave
from that life
which cuts you dry
you chose instead
to learn to fly
and take to wing
your dreams anew
you've stuck by what
you know is true.

I need to learn
I need to see
what I can
or cannot be.

there is no point
to play a role
that does not account
for my heart and soul.

Tell me Harper
am I wrong
to question what I do
is it escapism
from reality
I need to know
from you.


As you delve into
your inner vaults
and practise
cosmic somersaults
magic mysteries
will unfold
for your memories
to hold.

High priestess of the East
These doubts and fears will soon cease
to be a part of your daily realm
For questions are at threshold's helm
to be stepped across and laid to rest
in the yesteryears of a memory chest.

To describe to you these enchanting days
without a trace of twilight haze
would be to delicately trace
the finest line in solemn grace
across life's intricate web
And understand the dance of thread
from spool to warp and weft and loom
And weave the pattern of life's great room.

These days bring happiness and joy,
with love and light, part of the ploy.
To distinguish between the moments when
Sorrow trickles in now and then.
But such transgressions quickly reveal
an adequate time to rest and heal.

It's perfectly fine to question dear
Do what you do, hear what you hear
The time is right for all that you do,
The perfect moment comes from you.