Monday, February 25, 2013

Love and feathers


while I wait for wings
To lift me up and take me home
What lands in my fishing net
Is a lovely leafy pome.

I understand the sabbath days
of solitary solemnness
I understand that nature is
so full of rambling randomness

As the story has unravelled
from through winter until now
We can do nothing but watch and learn
To destiny I bow

Its time a few changes
for a cosmic overhaul
we'll have to work on healing
though summer unto fall

My body has protested
At how I choose to live
She's asking me for things now
That I don't know how to give.

I grab her every morning
When I go to work
And when I am day dreaming
Still gently she does lurk

Its only now I understand
your knees and your aches
How can we keep them happy
For dear heaven's sake!

As of the turbulent waters
That toss our daily boat
I trust you to hang in there
And hold on to your note.

You  must trust me when I tell you
That  these are important times
Its through this turbulence
That words starts to rhyme.
Its through this dangling conversation
That we will find the clues
As to what we must think
And what we must do///

You are living a great learning
That tells me you will know
More and more everyday
But it could be slow..

Lets hold on to our dreams
And play with our words
Its just a mater of time before
We soar with 'em birds

Love and feathers

Mediary thought


It's as if I'm not there
Filled with hope and then despair
An adequate state of know-not-what
A blank___ a slash/ a dash- a dot.

I lie as if I am awake
And walk with dreams I can't partake
I tarry forth back to and fro
Not knowing whence I came from, or where to go.

I slowly slip into the mist
Question things I can't resist
Scribbling lines upon the fog
Conversations with no dialogue.

This limbo is my winter estate
A solemn entrance to natures gate
I'm waiting for this mist to rise
To drift along with no surprise.

Deriving life from other things
Soaking up what nature brings
And in that mediary thought
I catch a glimpse of all that's naught.

Tonight I sat under the moon
It's getting fuller all too soon
But it was nice to simply rest
And imbibe all that's truly blessed.

These days have been my saving grace
Journeying through life at a steady pace
Planting ideas like little seeds
Hoping someday to eat the fruits of these deeds.

I'm off now to return
To my dreams where I shall learn
Of places been and lives forgot
Lessons learned and soul songs taught.

Solitary on Sabbath,