Friday, November 11, 2011

Red book

Autumn Madeleine,
The mystique today has been,
A gathering of souls
Amidst many bowls.
A soup party it was
with rightful classic cause....
Of autumnal climes
And colder wintry times.

Comfy food and comfy beer,
In autumnal atmosphere
I'm glad I've resumed this book
So glad to have taken a look
Into this magic phase
Of long forgotten days.


Log entry: 5th nov 2011. Autumn Madeleine, Toronto

O how lovely to beget a note
in the middle of a frazzled day
as I sit blurry eyed before my screen
Not sure of what to say

Surrounded by official things
meetings, mails, and phones that ring
Lots of things to do as such
But nothing that amounts to much

So its quite nice to switch off a bit
Take a deep breath and sit
to write a little verse or two
To communicate my point of view
Which in particular
is nothing too curricular
But means to underline
My scarce respect for time.

On that note, I must slip back
Into my frazzled day
I plan not to work at all
And see if they still pay.