Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thirty Seven


 This is Madeleine
 Once more I have been crowned the Queen
 My paper cups do overflow
 With wine and chatter they do glow.

 How art thou?
 My cups they ask
 Gently nudging your whisky flask
 Thirty seven is a wondrous age
 To write upon an empty page
 Enter the fact in letters bold
I am thirty seven years old. 

Thirty Seven years old
Thirty seven years young
Thirty seven years
 Together strung

 Today, a birthday wish I grant
A birthday pome I lightly chant

 Harper this has got to be
A glorious year, for all to see
 Filled with great unravellings
Filled with greater happenings
Filled with love and filled with light
Filled with joy and beauty bright.

 May your coming year
Bring you near
To all that you ever seek
May it carry you closer
Giving you a peek
Of the larger mysteries
That constantly unfold
And the cosmic ramblings
That every seashell holds

 I wish for this year of yours to be
The Greatest yet in history...

Love and magic