Sunday, January 22, 2012

New year 2012

New year Madeleine
It's twenty twelve!
It's time to make the cosmic delve
into simple magical states
Of circus rum and elephant plates.

So let me start off with Shillong,
Being there for new years can't be wrong,
Pine trees, pork roasts and winter cuddles
Private concerts and natures puddles.

We traversed down 2000 steps
To this mystical secret a tree has kept,
whose entwined roots and branches carried me
Across a river - this enchanted tree
became a bridge and not just one!
A double decker bridge, just for fun.

On new years day we stepped into,
A sacred forest there are just a few.
I can't tell you how I felt
Time before time and my heart did melt.
Those trees covered in a soft green moss,
Leaves and rocks and seeds to cross.
Mystical air of a druid's playground
Things thought lost were suddenly found.
All this as my body sang
In the sacred grove of Lawkyntang.

I'm in Calcutta now laying low,
Soaking it in flowing with the go.
Mother's being a perfect host
And now perhaps it's time to toast
To a glorious year ahead,
Now it's time to go to bed.


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