Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ladybug planet. 2002

you seem distressed
or is it just your winter quest?
In summertime it's spring for me
are you waiting constantly
to fill each day with things to do,
to take on adventures, face something new?
Well I am sprouting out my shoots
peeping out of my winter roots
it feels so good to see the light
hibernation is out of sight
Now I must leave my ladybug hotel
pack up my things and wander well
into the night and day
I have places to go and games to play
And leave behind my winter muse
until it finds some excuse
to catch up with me 3 seasons later
(By then I'd be ready to face another winter)
So fair thee well my queenly queen
The tannest of the tanned Madeleines
your kingdom reaches wide and far
The furthest of the furthest star
It's good sometimes to get off that throne
To visit the workers and the drones
So take off on a bicycle ride
To the closest planet on your side
And write to me of things you see
Oh Madeleine you queenly bee.


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