Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Magic book, 2001

Harper Leaf

I'm sending you this magic book
that began in feb last year
It's been a captive witness
to all my paper tears.
Fossilized in scribble dust
and splashed with Ganges spray
this book has been with me through
all the most uncertain days.
It has lain beside in on my bed
and fluttered in my hands
snoozed on coffee tables
but missed the goan sands.
It coughed up merry ink
that ran in careful patterns
as if it could think.
I'm sending you these pages
For lack of better ways
to communicate the aura
of some interesting days.
I'm still using the magic book
and there's some more to go
before it hits the dusty shelf
where all magic books go.

Madeleine Weathers

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C. L. DeMedeiros said...

you talk about "dusty shelf"
I refer to "rusty nails in some shelf"
in my poem



connections connections connections
I'm still trying to undestant the workd