Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn in my Heart

I'm quite upset
By matters of the heart
I can't quite grasp the nuances
That keeps our worlds apart

What are these intricacies
That follow mind and soul?
And leave the heart in such despair
That questions every goal?

My journey ever seems to take
So many twists and turns
And I am left to lie awake
while quietly it burns

The fire in my heart it seems
Is one such glowing ember
But this is just October yet
What of November and December?

My 37th year I gather
Is full of matter, full of dreams
And my heavy heart is left to wallow
In penetrating silent screams.

I don't know what to do or say
Wait patiently I reckon
For answers to reveal themselves
And surreptitiously beckon.

There is one thing that I do subscribe
to the wandering life I lead
That it takes me everywhere
And fulfills my every need.

Autumn in my heart,
Harper falling leaf


Lynn Cohen said...

Why don't you have a million followers? All your work/play is great! How does one follow your blogs?

Melanie Van Houten said...