Saturday, November 15, 2008

11 December 2003

The cosmic chief is idle
and wasting all my time
look only at what I'm holding
its a gin tonic and lime

if your thinking february
i have to rethink my life
and i need to earn some money
so i can be your wife

meanwhile i'm taking it easy
and thinking if perchance
if our wayward wanderous minds
might find themselves in france

or do goan climes await me
with portuguese wine and song
if you come this february
will you be staying long?
we should time our footsteps
to cross each others path
if not we'll wail in sorrow
in the lonely aftermath
somehow i don't see that happen
since our loyalites are clear
there is no alternative
to holidays and beer

do keep me very posted
on the pattern of your time
and sing to me your queries
in the form of classic rhyme

marmadeliene and toast

1 comment:

kalpana said...

This applies to 2009 as well.
Say are you coming sooner, like say January?