Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seasonal departures, 10 December 2003

February is when I'm planning
to make my swift departure
from the earthly ties that bind me
to the winter that is here.

For a house and room downtown
beckon to be paid
to dwell in safe and sound
while I might gently wade
in glorious southern waters
with my chin against the sun
and prance with summer's daughters
and whistle while i run.

So it might be trifle hard
to make it for the weddings
and consequently retard
the events that are unfolding.

But please keep the months henceforth
open for some mirth
some good old doodling time
for old Portuguese Goan shrines

I'm determined to have a show
in the majestic Chowgule haven
Of watercolours galore
on the day that I've been saving.

Who knows what might happen
between now and then
a pleasant winter's companion
a clucking of a hen
A spider's silky cobweb
a rustle of a leaf
the happenings until Feb
are left to the Cosmic Chief.

How strange of you to ask
about my silver whisky flask
But the winter almanac
has me drinking cognac.

I do enjoy a glass of scotch
As I smoke my pipe and watch
the smoke rings blow away
into the light of day.

So farewell my sweet maid
(An expensive maid I reckon!)
while I try my best to trade
my winter,for the Deccan.

Deep rooted,
Harper Leafless

(Sent on an email to M.)

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