Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stretched-out Hexepede

An old pome form a sketch book 10 years ago.

To Harp of Hashishalom Ave.

Pome 1. Abridged Carefully

Crashed out in a crowded room
Hashed out for the night
The lull of unfamiliar song
Plays mercilessly on.

Blurred beyond belief
with mixed up confusion
Have gotten used to this
Searching for solution.

Philanthropic breath of cigarettes
Packed in with argument
Should we sell this song*
To a military regiment
For a loss of sentiment?

Stretched out hexepede
On institutional bed
Alphabetical souffle
Swimming in my head

And there you scribble in your haste
But we've got a lot a time to waste.

*Then again perhaps I'm wrong
There's no way we can sell this song
Look at what it's come to be
Inspired pulp of parody

9 dead blitzes
in the bowl
collective dust
of secret souls.




Prashant Miranda said...

and this one, I love.

m said...

captured the A hostel spirit. or was it B?

Prashant Das said...

this one is brilliant !

m said...