Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lost Green July Umbrella, 27 June 2001

what's your secret Marmaladeine
to write such lengthy letters?
it's not often have I seen
'the lengthier the better'

Of profound wit and consequence
of life and work you speak
but then it's better hence
forth to ride the peak.

I had a silent freak out at work
which ended in a twitch
and then it dawned on me to shirk
that merry monstrous witch.

The monstrous witch I talk about
is one that's in my head
once in awhile he/she jumps out
and weaves a silky thread.

this twine unravels like a cloud
and pours in every stream
before you's much too loud
can only hear the scream.

And then it dawned on me at last
'A haircut  is what I need'
to soothe and to console the blast
of monstrous witch's deeds.

it worked quite well madeleine
i worked till 9 at night
and pushed that horrid old mean
witch way out of sight

My hair is still long you know
it's my strength and saving grace
the locks in even numbers grow
and curl up on my face

So here ends my days adventure
of monotone and vice
and now the bed I must sensor
to dream a dream that's nice.


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