Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seasonal Arrivals, 10 December 2003

Harper Winterleaf

your pleasant circumstances
are prodding me to ask
if you are in possession
of a siver whisky flask

your festive nights seem jolly
and your winter sounds like fun
but tell me sir when will you
lift your heels to run

towards warmer climes that bristle
in the southern hemisphere
where the golden sea breeze whistles
into tanned and shapely ears

I refer to god's own country
with the laid back green lagoons
and am drifting southward gently
accompanied by the moon

would you care to join us harper?
from the 9th of january
Do tell me you can make it
snap your chains be free

there will be twosome weddings
of which we will catch one
if you make it even earlier
then you could double up the fun.

i'm working till the 9th
and I haven't got a clue
how i am going to wind up work
but that I have to do
in an unplanned frenzy
I follow my instinct
perhaps I'll see you soon somewhere
Did I just see you wink?

madeliene mysterymaid


Anonymous said...

Ah! blog season
The pomes descend
And give me reason
To chuckle mefriends

The Deprivation
was worth
its overcoming
in mirth!

madeleine said...

glad to share
these bits of verse
and couplets lost in time
what could be better
than to while
away ourselves in rhyme?

Anonymous said...

Madeleine,Merci beaucoup
All you say is so true
But it would be as sublime
To etch the present too in rhyme!

Or do you
as a rule
Want pomes to be like wine
And stand the test of time????

Anonymous said...

The present my friend,
I'm sure you agree
is hard to pin
as the moment flees

you never know
if its here or not
A transient thing
This passing thought

Its no rule
But I cling on fast
To what may be referred
As the past.

Anonymous said...

Put this way,
Pomes are like wine
And I offer here, a toast
To time!