Sunday, November 23, 2008

September 2003

To Madeleine,

I question not the sound I write
Feeling forever in my eyes
But amidst it all I'm free inspite
Of heavenly bonds and earthly ties.

Hints and clues come in my dreams
And clarity dawns upon my wake
For who I am might not seem
To be the me my body takes.

I question not the who I am
The what, the where, the why maybe
And oftentimes I think I can
Be the man who's really me.

In distant quarters of my soul
Where pieces fall and wounds have healed
Divinities unwind and stories unfold
Where my truest feelings are revealed.

From Harper


M said...

I don't think I have EVER read that one!
....its lovely.

H said...

You have my dear,
but it's pretty clear
that one forgets
and memory lets
these letters fade
into thought that's made
like smokey rings
and silken strings
and things that pass
into the mass....
therefore this site
for all it's might
we will remember
Forever and ever.