Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Anonymous said...

What a pome this makes!How lovely!!

Anonymous said...

What a pome this be precise..

M said...

Tis indeed....

Got this as a birthday gift I think, 1998 or 99...cant remember...

Prashant Miranda said...

Our ongoing saga continues, Harper and Madeleine, Kirki and Moonboy, Cabot and Deitrich.....oh dear, the list goes on.
What fun

Anonymous said...

Hey Prash and K,

Each pair
In there
some more:
a pome
A sketch
A post
A tome?
I am consumed
By greed
I'll sign off
And revel
In what I have here
Its as much as I need
And more,
For sure.

H said...

Merci, merci.